End of Trading Notice from eastdevon.com ltd



After 17 years of solid and healthy trading, two (out of three) founder directors of eastdevon.com ltd have decided to retire from business activities.

After a discussion with our accountants, it has been determined that  eastdevon.com ltd, as a trading entity, de-registers as limited company and should close in its current formation. Our accountants will notify companies house  and with effect from the 1st March 2018 the company eastdevon.com ltd will no longer trade.

Where does this leave you if you currently have your domain, your hosting, your email and other services on the eastdevon.com ltd leased servers?

Where customers have been invoiced in the last 9 months all services will be honoured in entirety as the servers are still operational. All services will continue to be provided until the end of the paid/invoiced period. 

The leasing on the current servers runs out in March 2019 and any hosting and email services will be administered by Mr.R.Fairclough, who can always be contacted on 07909192792.

With eastdevon.com ltd, the focus and business model has always been on small business, often with limited IT support, who relied on eastdevon.com ltd to protect their domains, hosing and email services. eastdevon.com ltd directors have aways prided themselves in giving least disruption of service, with honest and open business practices. It is with this ethos that the closure of the business has been planned and addressed.

We are honouring all our commitments, leaving the company‚Äôs bank balance in a healthy position  and as far as we are aware all creditors have been paid.

We are currently in discussions about the options for customer's renewals, this maybe of an individual taking on our current servers and you will be informed about any developments as these discussions conclude.

A more personal note:

"Over the years we have dealt with some fabulous business customers, many of who have becomes really good friends. It has been an honour to serve you all.  There is an element of sadness that the business needs to close, but so be it.  I will make contact with you all, so that any transition of your internet presence and your service requirements can be concluded with the least amount of disruption."

and finally . . . 

A big thank you for your support over the last 17 years!

Best Wishes,


March 2018.